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Visit the mystery of a hidden valley

In the mountains of the rising sun there lies a valley of unparalleled splendour.

Stretching from the ZASM tunnel to the mystery of deep mountain caves and open grasslands of the Drakensberg Mountains, the Elands River plunges into our Valley - a rainbow waterfall hinting of magic.

It wends its way through the ancient mountains where red cliff faces give way to Aloe rich slopes, sunbirds dart from flower to flower watched by basking dassies.

This is the home and inspiration of Valley Art, which reflects the natural canvas of a wild and beautiful land, peopled by the aesthetic and coloured by the landscape where herds of multi-coloured Nguni cattle roam alongside the wildlife which live as free as the wheeling fish eagles overhead.

Come and experience the marriage of Classic Class meets African Sunshine and - for those with that special insight - your feet may leave, but your soul will remain as part of this place forever. 


B12 Waterval Onder
South Africa


 Phone: +27 82 923 4087
               +27 76 354 5129