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Sizes and prices

Floor cloths can be customised in size and shape.

• Floor cloths are priced from R2 350/sqm 
• Custom shaping (other than a rectangle or square or round) of a floor cloth requires an additional R1 100. design fee, added to the total cost.

Painted floor cloths can be made in widths to 1.2 m in one piece. For sizes wider than 1.2 m seaming can be done, and will be sampled to the client prior to project approval. 

Size                                           Stock design                        Creative design                       Custom design
60 cm x 1.8 m                   R2 538                                   R2 795                                   R3 075

90 cm x 1.5 m                   R3 173                                    R3 490                                   R3 840

1.2 m x 1.8 m                     R4 700                                   R5 585                                   R6 144

Does not include postage and packaging.

Custom designs require a 50% deosit upfront. Minimum 3 months to complete custom designs - dependant on final size and specifications. 


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